Welcome to my website

• At my clinic I aim to deliver comprehensive paediatric care in a small office setting.

• I follow the pediatric care guidelines established by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics.

• My philosophy is to provide state of the art compassionate health care at a personal level.

• My goal is to carefully examine your child, to answer your questions, to give medical advice, and together, to determine the best possible care plan for your child.

• Health education and the promotion of healthy lifestyles is always emphasized during the consultation.

• I am committed to taking good care of your child and strongly supporting you in your child’s growth and development.

Services offered at my R.T.Nagar Clinic

• Consultation with appointments
• Administering immunizations
• Evaluating child’s growth and development
• Education about children’s safety concerns, healthy lifestyle and breastfeeding
• Diagnosing common illnesses and prescribing medications for them
• Referrals to Specialists
• Referrals for Laboratory Investigations

Services not offered at my R.T.Nagar Clinic

• Emergency Services
• Consultation without appointments
• In-patient care
• Care of minor or major injuries